About our name:

The name AmayaMari comes from my daughter who's name is Amaya and Mari being the first four letters to my mothers name, my sisters' names and my name, all who have been my motivation and my strength through life especially behind starting my own business. My entire life I have battled with my own insecurities but the one thing that stuck with me and made me feel at my best and just overall confident and unstoppable was jewelry. This shop is a way to feel even more confident within myself knowing I'm capable of sharing the same feeling with all of you!


Our Goal:

We want to bring you quality jewelry that you'll cherish at an affordable price because everyone deserves to feel beautiful. With AmayaMari we want everyone to see the variety of jewelry we bring, hoping that each item brings out the confidence some of us tend to hide and shy away from. Ranging from the classic studs to the big hoops. So please enjoy each piece we bring to the table and we hope to see our page grow with the help of all of you.